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SHPILBERG ‘S/t’ [3" CDr]

Image of SHPILBERG ‘S/t’ [3" CDr]


[Label: Hyperblasted Recordings, Catalog No: HyRe008]

Shpilberg is a Canadian No wave / Punk rock band. They have released works at labels such as Isolated Now Waves and Brise Cul Records. They recorded these four untitled tracks for Hyperblasted’s split series but the series were cancelled during many problems, so we both decided (band and label) to release as a single work. And the reason?? Those tracks are amazing and it’s toooo bad to be unreleased. Imagine Lighting Bolt got drunk, locked in the studio and performing tracks from Aids Wolf, Gang Wizard, Pre etc. while listening Wolf Eyes and having in mind their last night of drinking and listening old post-punk gemmes. Yeap, they are crazy, you have to listen to them.

Artwork and images by Shpilberg, layout by KENO. Packaged in two-panel cardboard paper, 2-color printed. Limited edition of 100 handnumbered copies.